Mason Summer Swing Open - JUNE 14-15, 2019

$ 10.00

Each entry  is $10 --- please limit each player to two entries - one singles and one doubles.


If you want to enter more than one event for a person just add each to the cart.



ENTRY FEE: $10                     

ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, June 11th, 10:00 p.m.


MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Mason Tennis Assn.    


PO BOX 865   

MASON, TX   76856

NFORMATION : Cade Smith   (325) 656-1248 or Salah Eckert (979) 422-3738



For information concerning motels and B&B’s, call the Chamber of Commerce (325) 347-5758.


To order a brick to support Mason Tennis please see this link.


Medical Release: I hereby consent to emergency medical or hospital services that may be rendered by or at accredited hospitals, by appointed physicians, in the event such need arises in the opinion of a duly licenced physician.

Waiver & Indemnity Agreement: Acceptance of my entry in these events is without responsibility of any kind by the Mason Tennis Association and its representatives which injuries my be in any way related to my activities during the tournament and any period traveling to or from the events described, and all claims hereby WAIVED and RELEASED, and I covenant not to sue therefore. The parent/guardian, by signing below, does hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and hold harmless the MTA and representatives from any liability which they may incur to the entrant, howsoever arising and whether caused by thenegligent or intentional acts of the MTA or representatives, I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.